The Department of Employment clarifies the number of unemployed people. Confirmed that less than 6 hundred thousand people have been examined.

Date : April 17, 2021

Department of Employment Clarify the unemployment situation in 2021. Unemployment is declining. The insured person returns to the social security system. Emphasize, never rest assured, prepare for a vacant position. Ready to support plan.

Mr. Pairoj Chotikasathien, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor Acting on behalf of the Director-General of the Department of Employment revealed that from the National Statistical Office in 2020, the number of people in the labor force was 39.45 million, with 38.76 million employed, consisting of 17.50 million workers in the service and trade sector, 13.48 million people in the agricultural sector. With the manufacturing sector 7.78 million, 0.59 million unemployed, or approximately 590,000, divided into 0.18 million previously unemployed and 0.41 million previously employed, compared to the same period of the year. In 2019, the number of unemployed people increased by 0.22 million, but at the same time The number of people employed has also grown to 1.1 million. As a result of the increase in the number of people in the workforce altogether. And more than 65 percent of the unemployed were found to come from old workers. Which had both been released from work Was laid off due to the closure of the business From the expiration of the employment contract And self-resignation, and another 35 percent of the unemployed are new workers entering the system.

However, from January to March 2021 there are insured persons in case of unemployment. Return to Social Security 155,958 cases and 84,241 new insurers, totaling 240,199 cases, separated into January 85,970 monthly, February 81,064 and March 73,165, while the number of unemployed applicants is 119,987. With decreasing numbers respectively since January 2021

Mr. Pairote continued that With the COVID-19 epidemic situation, workers have decreased working hours. Both from the establishment of the operation not fully Production cut Overtime reduction The reasons mentioned above affect the income of workers as much as 5.96 million people. However, the Department of Employment has collected job vacancies from all over the country. For those wishing to work in the amount of 225,207 rates to support along with laying out guidelines to help the unemployed. Fragile group Including those who are about to enter the labor market In preparing to meet the needs of the labor market Promoting employment for new graduates And began to enter the labor market (Co Payment project) to find ways to increase the delivery of Thai workers to work abroad. As well as alleviate the suffering of informal workers From providing loans By charging interest 0% to a group of workers to do at home All to maintain employment Allowing labor workers to continue to work According to government policies and the will of the Labor Minister, Suchart Chomklin

Credit : Foreign Workers Administration Office,  Department of Employment

DEDC visits THE PARQ, LEED and WELL standard buildings, to advance the development of energy-saving buildings for a sustainable environment

Date : April 01, 2021

(1 April 64) Dr. Prasert Sinsukprasert Director-General of the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) leads the management team. And DPC staff visit THE PARQ energy-saving building, which is a green building with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard and WELL (WELL Building Standard) standard by receiving a lecture on indoor management, such as a guaranteed model. Performance of modern air conditioning systems , Intelligent lighting system and waste management within modern projects. Along with exchanging ideas and giving suggestions on interesting energy measures to project administrators at THE PARQ Building, Rama IV Road.

Credit : Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)

DEDE continues to promote energy conservation and renewable energy in the EEC area

Date : March 30, 2021

(30 March 64) Dr. Prasert Sinsukprasert Director-General of the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) chaired the meeting to discuss cooperation approaches to support and promote energy conservation and renewable energy in the EEC area. With representatives from the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Commission (SorPor Por.) And the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand
To jointly drive important projects under the National Energy Reform Plan, such as the Building Energy Code, promoting the use of renewable energy in the industrial sector, the promotion of Smart Industries, as well as the promotion of alternative energy projects and other energy conservation. In the Eastern Special Development Zone or EEC at Boonrawd-Nithipat Meeting Room, Building 7, Floor 11, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency

Credit : Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)

Preparatory meeting, exhibition, launch Thai herbal ingredients central market under the name “Food is medicine”

Date : April 02, 2021

On April 2, 2021, Dr. Thiti Sawangtham, MD, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine. To be the chairman of the meeting? Prepare an exhibition for the opening of the Thai herbal raw materials market under the name “Food is medicine” which was held between 21-23 May 2021 at the Thai Herbal Raw Materials Central Market (Tai Market), Klong Luang District. Pathum Thani Province, with Dr. Ratchanee Chan Ket, Director of Academic and Planning Division, Dr. Phon Montaka Teerachaisakul, Director of the Herbal for Economy Division And those involved Attending the meeting at the Khampur meeting room Herbs for Economy Building 3, 3rd Floor, Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Nonthaburi Province

Credit : Department Of Thai Traditional And Alternative Medicine, Ministry Of Public Health

Meeting of the working group to analyze the “Thai cannabis” as a representative item for the cultural heritage of mankind.

Date : April 16, 2021

On April 16, 2021, Dr. Kwanchai Wisitthanon, MD, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine. To chair the meeting of the working group of analysis And make proposals for Thai cannabis as a representative of the cultural heritage of mankind With management Along with relevant persons attended the meeting Organized a meeting by the Department of Protection and Promotion of Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Traditional Medicine at the Meeting Room, Protection and Promotion of Thai Traditional Medicine and Traditional Thai Medicine, Building 3, Floor 7, Department of Thai Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine. Nonthaburi Province

Credit : Department Of Thai Traditional And Alternative Medicine, Ministry Of Public Health

Royal Thai Army Museum

Date : February 7, 2020

Royal Thai Army Museum

          The Royal Thai Army Museum is rooted in the Royal Military Museum of the front barracks. (Ministry of Defense at present), which you ten thousand Wanyawana car Front Regiment Commander Respectfully said
King Rama V royal built by 2425, the front porch is the storage layer 3 Department branded enemy weapons and military museum later when the 2470
Defense Department is necessary. The military museum room had to be used as the office of the newly established organization, and therefore the artifacts of the Army Museum were handed over to the National Museum.
When the Army Headquarters was established at the Chulachomklao Royal Cadet Academy (old), the Army therefore approved the principle of establishing a museum at the building
And the Secretariat allowed the museum to be used as “Royal Thai Army Museum” in 1996 and opened the museum For the general public to visit for the first
day on June 9, 1996, which corresponds to the date of His Majesty the King. Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Great Borommanat Bophit, has been crowned the throne for 50 years.

The Royal Thai Army Museum in Honor of His Majesty the King

          The Royal Thai Army Museum is located inside the Royal Thai Army Headquarters compound. The museum took its origin in 1882 during the reign of King Rama V. Located on the third floor of the Ministry of Defense building, it was first known as the Military museum of the Ministry of Defense. When the ministry needed the museum site for its newly established military unit, the military equipment as well as other collections, which had been on display there, were given to the National Museum. When the former compound of the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy was chosen as the new location for the Royal Thai Army Headquarters, top Army commanders agreed to retain the Administrative and Ordnance buildings. The military authorities were in agreement that the two historic building were appropriate site for the Army  anniversary of the longest-serving monarch’s accession to the throne. The museum has since become known as “The Royal Thai Army Museum in Honor of His Majesty the King.”

Exhibits inside the museum

Museum Collections and Components

King Rama IX Room

          Enshrined a life-sized statue of King Chulalongkorn Which laid the foundations of the Thai army to advance to modernity Along with exhibits pictures and histories of the former Army Commander

Including the display of the Marshal’s wand, which is the most honorary military honor ornament.

Phra Barami Pokklao Room

          Displays the statue of King Chulalongkorn in the center of the hall. The statue, made from bronze, is in honor of the great monarch who has laid the foundation of

the Royal Thai Army. Also on display are the portraits of all former commanders-in-chief. In addition, the Thai Scepters were bestowed upon Field Marshal are on display.

Room of the Thai Armed Forces

          Exhibiting the history and royal duties of the King who is regarded as the Great in Thai history. Including an exhibition of Thongchai Chalermpol, which the Royal Thai Army received from the King

The Highest Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Room

          Displays the Biography and the Royal Activities of Thai kings are known as “The Great.” Also on display in this room are the Royal Thai Army Colors since the reign of King Chulalongkorn.

Army mission critical room

          Showcasing important missions of the Army, such as protecting and honoring the monarchy, national defense Maintaining internal stability National development and helping people
And conducting military missions other than war, including peace missions and humanitarian aid.

The Royal Thai Army and It’s Missions Room

          Displays the missions of the Royal Thai Army; ie Protect and Uphold the Monarchy, National Defense, Internal Securing Operations, National Development and Humanitarian Assistance and Peacekeeping Operationsand Humanitarian Assistance.

Important military museum objects

Collection Highlights


          2428 B.E. His Majesty King Chulalongkorn graciously graciously pleased. Bestowed a banner to the Field Marshal’s army Chao Phraya Surasakmontri (Jerm Saeng-Chuuto)
as a colonel Chao Muen Wai Voranarad as a substitute for him in the time of lifting to defeat Ho, who started a rebellion in the sixth, sixth and twelve-twelve Chutai provinces. When the army was victorious
His Majesty King Chulalongkorn graciously pleased. Bestowed the name of this flag that “Thong Chutatuchathipatai” is the first flag of the Royal Thai Army. The flag background is red.
The three edges are surrounded by a machine. In the middle is the shape of the coat of arms There is a Pali language that “Sppassangk Phu Thanam Samkhawatthisathika” means that the unison of the people who are the group continues to prosper.

The “Chuthathootthipatai” Colors

          Instituted by King Rama V in 1884, the Army Colors was in the following year presented to Field Marshal Chao Phraya Surasak Montri (Choem Saeng-Chuto) who, as Colonel Chao Muen Wai Woranart, was tasked with suppressing the Chinese Haw revolt in northern Thailand. . Upon the triumphant return of the elite troops, the king renamed the Colors the “Chuthathootthipatai” the very first Colors of the Thai Army.

Flag Mahaphai Thawat

          B.E. 2455, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej graciously graciously pleased. To create an additional flag of the army for use in conjunction with the Jutathupathipai flag And bestowed the name of the flag that
“Thong Mahaphai Thawat” by the name of Thongthao Amarintharatirathirat Which is used to lead the god Sena to defeat the evil monsters The exterior of the flag is red. Black inner flag background In the middle, there are two levels of Phan Waan Fah, second Vajiravudh and five tiered two sides

The “Maha Phaichayonthawat” Colors

          King Rama VI instituted yet another Army Colors in 1912 and named it the “Maha Phaichayonthawat” Colors after the legendary Thao Ummarintharathirat whose heavenly troops successfully crushed the legion of evil spirits. The Colors was presented to the Army along with the “Chuthathootthipatai” Colors from the preceding reign.

Thongchai Chalermpol of the Volunteer Corps in World War I

          His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej graciously pleased. To create a flagchai Chalermpol bestowed upon the Royal Thai Army And the Royal Thai Army Aviation Division, which went to fight with the Allies in World War I
in Europe in 1961. Thongchai Chalermpol, this piece looks like a trirong flag In the center of the flag, the front is a white elephant, IX, standing podium. Inside the red circle The middle of the flag on the back is a monogram and number 6
under the Phra Maha Mongkut and radius. Inside the red circle Upper and lower red stripes inscriptions “Chant Phutthachai Mongkol 8” or “Pha Hang Chant” which is a chant in various ceremonies to bless the blessing as a vision of victory.
And the welfare of Thai soldiers during the war The French government organized the Croix de Gare medal ceremony for the Royal Automobile Army’s Thongchai Chalermpon Which has carried out maintenance missions for the Allied soldiers
With courage and strength to be regarded by many nations And when the army, the cars go back His Majesty King Rama VI gave the Royal Order of the King Ramathibodi in honor.

The Colors presented to Thai soldiers during World War I

          King Rama VI instituted another two Unit Colors for the Army Transportation Unit and the Army Aviation Unit which fought alongside the Allied forces in World War I in Europe in 1918. The Colors were adorned with the French “Croix de Guerre” and the royal Thai decoration. of the Honorable Order of Rama in recognition of their bravery and dedication.

Marshal’s Staff

          Thailand divides Chom Phon’s scepter into two categories, the first being the Chom Phon Scepter for the King and the Royal Family The scepter will be exquisite and beautiful as the honor of the King.
His scepter will be used in important military ceremonies such as the parade, the parade, the ceremony of the oath of allegiance and the parade of the second type of the guard.
Which is designed to suit the honor of the brave soldier, whose results are beneficial to the land When the conferment of the rank of Marshal to the leaders of the armed forces was over, the story of honor and pride in the granting of the Marshal’s scepter.
For the military leaders, thus becoming a past However, the Chom Phon Scepter, displayed at the Royal Thai Army Museum, will continue to tell stories about the royal grace of the Royal Thai Armed Forces.
Great honor to the former commander of the Army. The results of their work are evident and all Army personnel will be remembered with pride forever.

The Scepter

          In Thailand, scepters are categorized into two classes. The first and most prestigious intricately adorned Royal Scepter is held by His Majesty the King during the review of King’s Guards oath taking parade. This particular type of scepter may be presented to members of the Royal Family. The second class of the Thai Scepter is bestowed on the general who is promoted as Field Marshal in recognition of his highly distinguished military career. The Scepter awarding ceremony to top military figures has become a mere Thai historical event. However, the museum sets up a scepter display collection as a gesture to commemorate His Majesty’s benevolence in granting one of the highest symbols of honor to the Royal Thai Army’s past Commanders whose outstanding services have been long remembered by the personnel of the Royal Thai Army.

Contacting for a visit

          Open to the Army personnel, academia and the general public. Visit as a group every day, office time. Without charge, interested parties can make a request for a visit through the Department of Army Operations.
At least 3 days in advance by coordinating the details by telephone numbers 0 2297 8058 and 0 2297 7347


          Welcome group visitor either from academic institute or private group Open weekday, free admission For foreigners contact 3 weeks in advance at Military History Division Office of Policy and Plan, Directorate of Operations Tel. 0 2297 8058, 0 2297 7347

Credit : Directorate of Operations.

Minister of Labor, Mr.Suchart, proposes an extension of COVID-19 testing And keep the identity of foreign workers until 16 June 64

Date : 05-04-2021

On April 5, 2021, the foreign work management policy committee meeting (TorKor) No.3 / 2021, approved the extension of the coronavirus detection period 2019 and collecting personal identity (Biometrics). Of foreign workers of 3 nationalities (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar) from the original deadline of April 16 to June 16

Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor, said that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. As the chairman of the board Foreign Work Management Policy Committee Acknowledging the concerns of employers, entrepreneurs that foreign workers according to the Cabinet Resolution on 29 December 2020, together with the Cabinet Resolution on January 26, 2021, some may not be able to perform a COVID-19 test. And the collection of personal identity information (Biometrics) on time by April 16, 2021, although public health facilities and the Immigration Office are ready to complete the service on time. This will result in such foreign workers unable to work legally.

“Ministry of Labor Has set a meeting for the Management Policy for the Management of the Work of Foreigners (TorKor) No. 3/2564 to consider the solution of problems, the detection of coronavirus infection 2019 and the collection of personal information ( Biometrics) of these migrant workers. Together with a committee consisting of representatives from government agencies and the private sector In which the meeting assessed the situation of foreign workers And passed a resolution to extend the period of detection of COVID-19 infection and the collection of biometrics of foreign workers of 3 nationalities (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar) until June 16, 2021, which The Ministry of Labor will present the solution to the complaints to the Cabinet for consideration and approval on April 7 for various departments. Will be carried out in the relevant sections Which will initially be integrated with the responsible agency in the area Provinces in provinces across the country act as intermediaries, coordinating private hospitals to proactively detect COVID-19 at the workplaces of foreigners. And provincial public health, certifying the results of the COVID 19 test and obtaining health insurance The pilot has now begun in Chonburi, which is considered the second largest province of foreign workers in the country, ”said the Labor Minister.

Mr. Pairoj Chotikasathien, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor Acting instead of Director-General of the Department of Employment said that from the Department of Employment Open to employers / establishments And the foreigner informs the name list Or personal information online For foreigners of 3 nationalities (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar) according to the above resolution From 15 Jan ’64 to 13 Feb ’64, the latest operational results 422,305 biometrics have been tested for COVID-19, 68,575 people have received work authorization (SDK 48 approval), 68,548 people and have ID cards for non-Thai citizens. (Pink card / work permit) 24,610 people from informing the person’s information through the electronic system of aliens Both with an employer And there are 654,864 employers (information as of April 1, 64), which if the Cabinet approves To extend the time for another 2 months from the original scheduled to be completed by April 16, 2021 to June 16, 2021 as proposed by the TCO meeting. It is expected that the employer / establishment will be able to complete the procedure. Without problems

“However, I would like to repeat that foreigners, even those who have employers. And still don’t have an employer Speed ​​up appointments for COVID-19 screening and purchase health insurance from government hospitals. Along with the collection of personal identity (Biometrics) with the Immigration Office To complete as scheduled Do not wait until the end of the period. You can inquire about the procedure for obtaining a foreign work permit at the Provincial Employment Office. Employment Office Bangkok Area 1 – 10 or at Line @Service_Workpermit Or at the hotline of the Ministry of Labor, tel. 1506 press 2, Department of Employment Or the Department of Employment Hotline at 1694, where interpreters are available in Cambodian, Myanmar and English languages. And recommend methods of operation, “said Pairoj.

Credit : Foreign Workers Administration Office,  Department of Employment

Director-General of the Department of Employment Meeting of the Committee to Consider the Operation of Foreign Private Organizations No. 6/2020

Date :  04-12-2020

Director-General of the Department of Employment Meeting of the Committee for Considering the Operation of Foreign Private Organizations No. 6/2020 at Kanchanaburi Provincial Employment Office

On December 4, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. Mr. Suchart Pornchai Wisetkul Director-General of the Department of Employment Chaired the 6th/2020 meeting of the committee for consideration of the operation of foreign private organizations at the meeting room of the Employment Office, Kanchanaburi With Mr. Cherdsak Wisuttikul, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Employment And relevant officials attended the meeting In which the meeting considered the following matters

1.Foreign NGOs request an extension of the period of operation. And receive 6 new organizations, including

  • Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
  • American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS)
  • Interact Organization
  • National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
  • Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)
  • Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

2. A foreign private organization would like to increase its objectives. And add a number of projects to the organization, namely Winrock Organization International Institute for Agricocerrol Development (WINROCK International Institute for Agricultural Development)

3. Foreign NGOs request new officers And add the authorized person in the number of 6 organizations, which are

  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Conrad Adenauer Foundation (Konrad – Adenauer – Stiftung e.V.)
  • Operation Organization Underground Railroad (Operation Underground Railroad, Inc.)
  • Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
  • Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
  • International Republican Institute (IRI)

Credit : Foreign Workers Administration Office,  Department of Employment

Ministry of Labor joins hands with Fortune Town Shopping Center Serving over 5 thousand positions for job seekers in “BANGKOK JOB FAIR 2021”

Date : 26-03-2021 

Mr.Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor, assigned Mr. Suthep Chittayawong, Secretary to the Minister of Labor. Presided over the opening of Bangkok Job Fair 2021 at Fortune Street, Fortune Town Shopping Center. Bangkok meets 40 leading establishments and job seekers.

Mr. Suthep Chittayawong, Secretary to the Minister of Labor revealed that Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor. Intend to host the BANGKOK JOB FAIR 2021 today with the goal of mitigating the effects of COVID-19. And reduce the problem of unemployment By promoting employment making for the unemployed and the layoffs People affected by COVID-19 And all Thai people who wish to find work By organizing activities to increase job opportunities with many employers / establishments directly at one time. Including increasing the opportunity to select job vacancies that match their knowledge and abilities

“Ministry of Labor Lead government policy Under the leadership of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, is a guide to action. It focuses on responding to the national strategy of balancing and developing the public administration system. By developing workers in accordance with the needs of the labor market Enabling people of labor age to choose to work according to their knowledge and aptitude Raise the level from the laborer Become a user of brain power That has easy access to sources of funding, innovation, technology and information Have the skills to work, have a career, have a stable and sustainable income. “Said the Secretary to the Minister of Labor.

Mr. Suchart Pornchai Wisetkul Director-General of the Department of Employment said that interested candidates would like to apply for a job. People looking for ideas for further career. And all interested people Attend the event on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th March 2021 from 09.00 – 16.30 at the Fortune Street area (in front of the building), Fortune Town Shopping Center. Bangkok Ministry of Labor By the Department of Employment Has organized a labor meeting There are 40 leading employers / establishments joining in the recruitment, such as CP Land Public Company Limited, Central Restaurants Group Company Limited, The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, Ekachai Dispatch Company Limited. Debut System Company Limited (Lotus), Thai Nam Thip Company Limited, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, True Corporation Public Company Limited and CP All Public Company Limited, etc. There are both types of recruitment business and retail Production of print media Construction and real estate Food and beverage restaurants Financial services and freight and public transport businesses There are more than 5,000 job vacancies that require workers of all levels of study. Interesting positions include civil engineer, architect, drawing assistant, store manager, accountant, administrative officer. Service staff And general staff (production department), etc., separated into a bachelor’s degree, 2,106, vocational qualification, vocational certificate, 461, vocational qualification rate 179, qualification rate of M. 6 and less than 2,842 rates, including a demonstration of self-employment per day. 10 professions per day, totaling 20 professions and acting career Freelance career in the form of a Food Truck, amount 4 cars

“Department of Employment Cooperate with Fortune Town Shopping Center to organize “BANGKOK JOB FAIR 2021” aiming for job seekers to get the most convenience and benefits. For those who attend the job can apply for a job in just 3 steps: 1. Select the company you want 2. Scan the QR code 3. Select a job title and fill in personal information and press submit. The employer / establishment will receive the information. And job applicants can be interviewed with employers / establishments immediately. In terms of travel, I have chosen to organize an event in the center of the city that is easy to travel.
By Fortune Town Shopping Center Located at Rama 9 intersection, next to Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel and Tesco Lotus, accessible by private car. Take the subway (MRT), get off at Rama 9 Station Exit 1 or BTS Sky Train to Victory Monument Station, take a bus or air-conditioned van. Minburi – Monument (down in front of MCOT) or get off at Asoke station Take the subway to Rama 9 Station Exit 1 or travel by air-conditioned vans. Saphan Mai – MCOT., Ngamwongwan – MCOT, Min Buri – Monument (down in front of MCOT) or travel by bus numbers 172, 98, 171, 36, 73, 73 Kor, 137, 168, 204, 206, 514, 517, 528 and 529, ”said the Director-General of the Department of Employment.

Anyone interested can ask for more information at Ministry of Labor Hotline Tel. 1506 press 2, Department of Employment Or the Hotline of the Department of Employment Tel. 1694

Credit : Foreign Workers Administration Office,  Department of Employment

Department of Local Administration (DLA) cooperate with network partners to sign an MOU with good health, a new way of Thai children

Department of Local Administration (DLA) cooperation Networks signed an MOU for good health, new ways, Thai children, good eyesight yesterday (14 Jan 2021) at 8.00 a.m. at the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health. Ministry of Public Health Mr. Prayoon Rattanaseni, Director-General of the Department of Local Administration, assigned Mr. Khachon Sri Chavanothai, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Local Administration. Participate in campaigning activities for Thai children with good eyesight on the occasion of the National Children’s Day 2021 and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)? Good health, a new way Thai children have good eyesight? This is a collaboration between the Department of Health, Department of Medical Services Development Committee (Service Plan), Taraj College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand. Top Charoen Optical Shop National Health Security Office Ministry of Education The Municipal League of Thailand And the Tambon Administrative Organization Association of Thailand The objective of the cooperation is to promote eye screening for Grade 1 students and give eyeglasses to Grade 1 – Grade 6 students with abnormal vision conditions. To stimulate operations and improve the quality of eye screening for grade 1 students in case of abnormal vision Have been referred to be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist And receive quality eyeglasses and thoroughly Until to promote knowledge of health of Thai children with good eyesight Help reduce the risk of abnormal vision. Prevent the occurrence of lazy eyes Which can cause visual disability In the part of the Department of Local Administration Has acted in coordination Transfer policy into practice Support eye screening for students in the affiliation of the local government organization. And continue to provide assistance and support in the area concerned No. 06/2021 As of January 14, 2021

Credit : Department of Local Administration (DLA)