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Community Power Plant for Foundation Economy By DEDE

Date : April 26, 2021

  • Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency
  • Ready to drive awareness building
  • According to the policy to promote the community power plant for the foundation economy
  • Targeting people in all regions of Thailand with knowledge and understanding
  • About the benefits of power plants from renewable energy
  • Ready to create participation from the community
  • To operate effectively as concrete
  • Towards the main goal of utilizing the community power plant
  • There is a pilot project in principle.
  • And what are the benefits that the community will receive?
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Credit : Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)

DEDC visits THE PARQ, LEED and WELL standard buildings, to advance the development of energy-saving buildings for a sustainable environment

Date : April 01, 2021

(1 April 64) Dr. Prasert Sinsukprasert Director-General of the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) leads the management team. And DPC staff visit THE PARQ energy-saving building, which is a green building with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard and WELL (WELL Building Standard) standard by receiving a lecture on indoor management, such as a guaranteed model. Performance of modern air conditioning systems , Intelligent lighting system and waste management within modern projects. Along with exchanging ideas and giving suggestions on interesting energy measures to project administrators at THE PARQ Building, Rama IV Road.

Credit : Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)

DEDE continues to promote energy conservation and renewable energy in the EEC area

Date : March 30, 2021

(30 March 64) Dr. Prasert Sinsukprasert Director-General of the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) chaired the meeting to discuss cooperation approaches to support and promote energy conservation and renewable energy in the EEC area. With representatives from the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Commission (SorPor Por.) And the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand
To jointly drive important projects under the National Energy Reform Plan, such as the Building Energy Code, promoting the use of renewable energy in the industrial sector, the promotion of Smart Industries, as well as the promotion of alternative energy projects and other energy conservation. In the Eastern Special Development Zone or EEC at Boonrawd-Nithipat Meeting Room, Building 7, Floor 11, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency

Credit : Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)

Solar Power

The DEDC promotes the use of renewable energy in the installation of a solar rooftop system by conducting a project to develop and test to increase the efficiency of use of renewable energy with technology to manage the changing conditions of electricity demand In government agencies in the Metropolitan Electricity Authority To study the management of energy derived from photovoltaic power generation systems to the maximum potential through intelligent energy management system connection. It also serves as a demonstration and learning center for the application of solar energy technology in conjunction with the management system for the changing state of electricity demand with an intelligent network system.

By installing a photovoltaic power generation system on the roof floor of the parking building, which consists of 1) 250 300 W solar panels, total size 75 kW 2) 3 kW battery charge controller 25 units 3) 3 kW inverter 25 units and 4) 12 V capacity Gel batteries 60 AH with a total size of 72 kW and energy management system (Buiding Energy Management: BEMS). As a result of the said performance, it was found that the electric energy produced from solar cells and batteries can be used to power the building. As a result, the overall energy consumption of Building 7 is reduced. Average savings of 720,000 baht / year (refer to the TOU electricity bill for the whole month). 7 May to achieve energy efficiency It can display energy consumption data and control the air conditioning in each floor by turning on, off and setting the temperature appropriate to the electricity demand at different times of the day.

Energy usage data Building 7 Department of Alternative Energy Development and Energy Conservation, NEDA type of office building, 12 floors, an area of 2,525 square meters, has an average electricity consumption in building 7 of 1,450 kWh / day, with an average solar cell production of 320 kWh. / Day average savings of 60,000 baht / month or 720,000 baht / year
Information as of October 16, 2018
Compose: Public Relations Group Department of Secretary Office

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Chaloem Phra Kiat Energy Conservation Building

Chaloem Phra Kiat Energy Conservation Building It is a 14,000 square meter usable building that emphasizes the concept of energy conservation, which is uniquely designed. There is an interest in architecture. That can motivate those in the field involved, such as architects, engineers, building owners, as well as the general public to turn to energy conservation. Chaloem Phra Kiat Energy Conservation Building is a model building that interested people can come to study. Tangible To prove various theories Taken as a design concept that can be practiced This will be an incentive to apply knowledge from this Chalermprakiat Energy Conservation Building to apply to the design, construction and improvement of other buildings. To achieve successful energy conservation results in the future.

In the building of energy conservation in honor of It consists of the area used as the office of the department of the DEDE, namely the Energy Human Resources Development Division (Gor. Found), meeting room area. Common area And the area organized as an energy conservation technology exhibition, which is divided into 5 sub-areas, namely the Energy Conservation Technology Exhibition Center Industrial sector Business building Housing sector Air conditioning training room And lighting system training room For the area of ​​the Energy Conservation Technology Center, PTE aims to be used as an exhibition center. Demonstrate and disseminate 60 energy conservation technologies that can be applied to Thailand, covering major energy conservation technologies in industrial sectors. Business building and residential sectors The exhibits will focus on giving visitors the freedom to enjoy. And gain knowledge along the way By being able to apply the knowledge gained to benefit both in terms of saving Energy costs and productivity enhancement. For the air conditioning training room And lighting system training room It will be equipped with advanced technology demonstration equipment, training operators. So that the trainees can see the work and experiment with the system near Realistic This will help to better understand the training content.

Interested in visiting, contact us at
Energy Human Resources Development Division (Gor.
Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Ministry of Energy
Chaloem Phra Kiat Energy Conservation Building
Technopolis area, Klong Ha Subdistrict, Khlong Luang District Pathumthani 12120
Telephone 0-2577-7035-41 Fax 0-2577-7047

Credit : DEDE Energy # Energy Conservation Building Chaloem Phra Kiat

Electric Tuk-Tuks,Energy Saving

The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) is supporting electric tuk-tuks, energy-saving, pollution-free, a new way of travel

The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) gives importance to energy saving, formulating policies and promoting the use of clean energy, pollution-free, thus recognizing the importance of a new way of traveling. Chang supports energy-saving electric Tuk Tuks Including the use of technology or applications that facilitate Meet the needs of the people And may save on travel expenses from sharing.

MuvMi is a service that sees the gap in connection between large mass transit lines such as BTS and MRT that cannot access the alleys. Or places that are not on the main road This service is a combination of the use of a “On-Demand” application, called whenever you want. No need to wait around for time Not running along the existing regular route and the “Sharing” model that brings modern technology to manage it, allowing people to run on the same route or nearby areas can get on the same car, thus making it a price That is not expensive Suitable for the current cost of living Students, students and workers can access it.

In addition to the application Another highlight of the MuvMi is the use of 100% electric vehicles in service pick-up passengers. This electric train has passed a collision analysis with the National Institute of Technology and Materials (MTEC) and has been licensed by the Department of Land Transport. Thus ensuring safety for service users as well as being environmentally friendly as well
Those interested in using the MuvMi service, simply download the application at Then register via phone number the first time Can call an electric tricycle And pay the service fee by scanning the QR code on the car immediately, with the service charge per way starting at 10 baht, maximum 75 baht, maximum 6 seats per car, comfortable up-down

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Solar Drying Systems

DEDE Showcases 9 Years of Supporting Solar Drying Systems Create more than 1,500 households, generate income over 673.2 million baht per year, emphasize and continue to promote
Mr.Suree Jaroonsak, Director of the Solar Energy Development Division, said that the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, DEDC began to promote and support investment in installing the solar drying system. Greenhouse design or parabolic dome since 2011, 9 years of support for the use of solar drying system. By promoting not less than 290 systems, representing an area of ​​approximately 34,000 square meters, the amount of support of 111 million baht, generating income of 673.2 million baht per year and creating occupations of at least 1,500 households with products that are dried such as Dried bananas, dried rice, dried fruits, herbs, tea, coffee, spices, meat, dog food, latex pillows, etc.

In the year 2020 NEDE plans to request a budget for the Energy Conservation Promotion Fund. For the drying system, which DEDE provides some support, approximately 30% of the investment in installing the system. With a plan to support 5,000 square meters, the DPC aims to support the installation of solar drying systems in a total area of ​​75,000 square meters by 2026. “
See more details at

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Zero Energy Building

Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)
Have foreseen the importance of building design Affecting the overall energy consumption of the country. Therefore, a study and demonstration project to upgrade the ECON building criteria to the Zero Energy Building criteria has been developed to serve as an example of building designs that use very low energy. And there is energy for use in buildings from renewable energy. To disseminate knowledge to designers and interested people.

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