The Department of Employment clarifies the number of unemployed people. Confirmed that less than 6 hundred thousand people have been examined.

Date : April 17, 2021

Department of Employment Clarify the unemployment situation in 2021. Unemployment is declining. The insured person returns to the social security system. Emphasize, never rest assured, prepare for a vacant position. Ready to support plan.

Mr. Pairoj Chotikasathien, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor Acting on behalf of the Director-General of the Department of Employment revealed that from the National Statistical Office in 2020, the number of people in the labor force was 39.45 million, with 38.76 million employed, consisting of 17.50 million workers in the service and trade sector, 13.48 million people in the agricultural sector. With the manufacturing sector 7.78 million, 0.59 million unemployed, or approximately 590,000, divided into 0.18 million previously unemployed and 0.41 million previously employed, compared to the same period of the year. In 2019, the number of unemployed people increased by 0.22 million, but at the same time The number of people employed has also grown to 1.1 million. As a result of the increase in the number of people in the workforce altogether. And more than 65 percent of the unemployed were found to come from old workers. Which had both been released from work Was laid off due to the closure of the business From the expiration of the employment contract And self-resignation, and another 35 percent of the unemployed are new workers entering the system.

However, from January to March 2021 there are insured persons in case of unemployment. Return to Social Security 155,958 cases and 84,241 new insurers, totaling 240,199 cases, separated into January 85,970 monthly, February 81,064 and March 73,165, while the number of unemployed applicants is 119,987. With decreasing numbers respectively since January 2021

Mr. Pairote continued that With the COVID-19 epidemic situation, workers have decreased working hours. Both from the establishment of the operation not fully Production cut Overtime reduction The reasons mentioned above affect the income of workers as much as 5.96 million people. However, the Department of Employment has collected job vacancies from all over the country. For those wishing to work in the amount of 225,207 rates to support along with laying out guidelines to help the unemployed. Fragile group Including those who are about to enter the labor market In preparing to meet the needs of the labor market Promoting employment for new graduates And began to enter the labor market (Co Payment project) to find ways to increase the delivery of Thai workers to work abroad. As well as alleviate the suffering of informal workers From providing loans By charging interest 0% to a group of workers to do at home All to maintain employment Allowing labor workers to continue to work According to government policies and the will of the Labor Minister, Suchart Chomklin

Credit : Foreign Workers Administration Office,  Department of Employment