Nong Aung area development project “King Rama 10” to develop the life of northern Kho people

Date : April 19, 2021

Go back to the year before. 2000 The Nong Ung area covers 7 villages of Kho Nuea Subdistrict, Mueang District, Yasothon Province. Experiencing repeated flooding every year during the rainy season. Damage the farms, roads, while in the dry season The water returned is not enough for consumption. Causing villagers to invade the forest to find new places to eat Forest conditions began to deteriorate, affecting their livelihoods until they had to be migrated to large cities in hopes of improving their livelihoods.

When King Maha Vajiralongkorn Badinthon Thepvorangkun Royal Highness, along with Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Queen Royal Patronage To visit the people who suffered repeated floods at Ban Kham Nam Sang School, Kho Nuea Subdistrict, Mueang Yasothon District, Yasothon Province on November 28, 2000 from the problems he encountered His Majesty has a royal initiative to develop and improve the area as a whole, including dredging Nong Unung for water source for agriculture and fish breeding, improving the soil conditions around Nong Ung. By planting trees and vetiver grass To prevent soil erosion And rehabilitate the forest surrounding Nong Ung In order for people to live in the forest together with each other And to disseminate the success of the royal initiative.

Nong Aung area development project As a result of the royal initiative, Yasothon Province began operations in 2001 with “Dong Man Community Forest 3,0006 rai” as an important area in the project area. To fulfill royal initiatives “Rehabilitation of the forest to enable people to live with the forest in a supportive way” has organized a public utility area of ​​3,0006 rai, known in the local area as Nong Unung, a food-dependent source of 7 villages in Kho Nuea Subdistrict, Mueang District, Yasothon Province. When it restored the forest state, it returned The forest is abundant. As a result, the villagers can rely on the forest and get benefits from the forest. In collecting forest products for consumption wood, firewood, as well as growing crops and raising crops, it is therefore a food bank for over 15 villages, 2,000 households. Anyone can access the forest under the supervision of the administrative division of each of the co-managed villages.

From the establishment of the Dong Mun Community Forest Project Resulting in the development of the area and the restoration of the forest In areas with agricultural products and there are a lot of forest products such as brine mushroom. Puffball Mushrooms in Brine Ant eggs in salt water Roasted Mushroom Chili Paste Therefore, the development of food processing and various products has been developed to ensure longer storage and to add value. Continued to be a food processing business from community forests Under the trademark “Wanatip”, a product from the Nong Unung area development project As a result of royal initiatives There is a group of members of the Dong Mun Community Forest Organization. To create jobs and income for community forest organization members As well as return profits for sustainable forest protection and preservation by community organizations.

Credit : Directorate of Operations.