Minister of Labor, Mr.Suchart, proposes an extension of COVID-19 testing And keep the identity of foreign workers until 16 June 64

Date : 05-04-2021

On April 5, 2021, the foreign work management policy committee meeting (TorKor) No.3 / 2021, approved the extension of the coronavirus detection period 2019 and collecting personal identity (Biometrics). Of foreign workers of 3 nationalities (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar) from the original deadline of April 16 to June 16

Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor, said that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. As the chairman of the board Foreign Work Management Policy Committee Acknowledging the concerns of employers, entrepreneurs that foreign workers according to the Cabinet Resolution on 29 December 2020, together with the Cabinet Resolution on January 26, 2021, some may not be able to perform a COVID-19 test. And the collection of personal identity information (Biometrics) on time by April 16, 2021, although public health facilities and the Immigration Office are ready to complete the service on time. This will result in such foreign workers unable to work legally.

“Ministry of Labor Has set a meeting for the Management Policy for the Management of the Work of Foreigners (TorKor) No. 3/2564 to consider the solution of problems, the detection of coronavirus infection 2019 and the collection of personal information ( Biometrics) of these migrant workers. Together with a committee consisting of representatives from government agencies and the private sector In which the meeting assessed the situation of foreign workers And passed a resolution to extend the period of detection of COVID-19 infection and the collection of biometrics of foreign workers of 3 nationalities (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar) until June 16, 2021, which The Ministry of Labor will present the solution to the complaints to the Cabinet for consideration and approval on April 7 for various departments. Will be carried out in the relevant sections Which will initially be integrated with the responsible agency in the area Provinces in provinces across the country act as intermediaries, coordinating private hospitals to proactively detect COVID-19 at the workplaces of foreigners. And provincial public health, certifying the results of the COVID 19 test and obtaining health insurance The pilot has now begun in Chonburi, which is considered the second largest province of foreign workers in the country, ”said the Labor Minister.

Mr. Pairoj Chotikasathien, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor Acting instead of Director-General of the Department of Employment said that from the Department of Employment Open to employers / establishments And the foreigner informs the name list Or personal information online For foreigners of 3 nationalities (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar) according to the above resolution From 15 Jan ’64 to 13 Feb ’64, the latest operational results 422,305 biometrics have been tested for COVID-19, 68,575 people have received work authorization (SDK 48 approval), 68,548 people and have ID cards for non-Thai citizens. (Pink card / work permit) 24,610 people from informing the person’s information through the electronic system of aliens Both with an employer And there are 654,864 employers (information as of April 1, 64), which if the Cabinet approves To extend the time for another 2 months from the original scheduled to be completed by April 16, 2021 to June 16, 2021 as proposed by the TCO meeting. It is expected that the employer / establishment will be able to complete the procedure. Without problems

“However, I would like to repeat that foreigners, even those who have employers. And still don’t have an employer Speed ​​up appointments for COVID-19 screening and purchase health insurance from government hospitals. Along with the collection of personal identity (Biometrics) with the Immigration Office To complete as scheduled Do not wait until the end of the period. You can inquire about the procedure for obtaining a foreign work permit at the Provincial Employment Office. Employment Office Bangkok Area 1 – 10 or at Line @Service_Workpermit Or at the hotline of the Ministry of Labor, tel. 1506 press 2, Department of Employment Or the Department of Employment Hotline at 1694, where interpreters are available in Cambodian, Myanmar and English languages. And recommend methods of operation, “said Pairoj.

Credit : Foreign Workers Administration Office,  Department of Employment