Ministry of Public Health developed a quarantine system and tourism in the area Support foreign tourists

Ministry of Public Health Opening measures to accommodate foreign tourists Accelerate the development of a quarantine system and tourism at the local level, such as the sub-district, island, district, or entire province level. Starting from the tourist provinces that have the potential to serve patients Choose tourists from low-risk countries 3 months without infection, focus on purchasing power, long-term stay, use of tracking devices Help revive the community economy But still adhere to the principle of safety Repeatedly, there has not yet been a reception of tourists. Until the province is ready and people in the area understand and accept

Today (12 October 2020) at the Ministry of Public Health Nonthaburi Province Dr. Thares Kratsanai Rawiwong, MD. Director-General, Department of Health Service Support Press release on measures to open to foreign tourists that after Thailand has been able to control the spread of COVID 19 in the country, what needs to be done from now: Balancing health and economy by gradually opening up the country Especially accepting foreigners All of which must be quarantined for 14 days in Alternative State Quarantine, currently 84 with 13,009 capacity, divided into 11,681 Alternative State Quarantine and Alternative Local State Quarantine. 1,328 rooms

For opening up to foreign patients, other diseases and followers for treatment in Thailand There are Alternative Hospital Quarantine to support 118 hospitals and 36 clinics, with 2,709 supporting rooms divided into 2,299 Isolation Rooms, 82 AIIR-ICU rooms, 65 Modified AIIR rooms, and Number of Cohort Ward. 263 rooms with no less than 14 days to be quarantined, three tests for COVID 19, now open to patients and accompanying persons by land, sea and air. Treated more than 1,000 income to create an economy of about 200 million baht by 14 days of detention and the 15th day can go out to travel. With a reporting and monitoring system While the Wellness Quarantine will operate in the Medical Spa or elderly resort. Which is in the process of preparing announcements and rules

In order to support the increasing tourism The Ministry of Public Health, in cooperation with businesses and some provinces, has been discussing a form of detention to accommodate larger “area-level quarantine systems” rather than in-room quarantine such as sub-districts, islands, districts or both. province Currently, there are many provinces that are interested, such as Chonburi, Buriram, Rayong, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Surat Thani, etc., which will start from provinces with potential that have hospitals ready to take care of infectious patients. Separate negative pressure chamber There is a laboratory system A strong disease investigation team has volunteers in the area, etc. The target group of tourists will be selected from low-risk countries. There were no infections for 3 months, which could also be considered spatially, for example, in some provinces of China with a population of more than 100 million, but no infection for more than 180 days, etc., with a good COVID-19 management system, and an MOU agreed upon. Visitors must have a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before departure. Self-quarantine at home or Home Quarantine 14 days before departure. And operated through a tour operator By choosing from foreigners with purchasing power Long stay group And working group

Dr. Thares continued that For preparing the country to conduct quarantine and tourism at the regional level The province had to make a limited route that would be open to tourism. Do not mix with the people, for example, where each day will go to the tourist area of ​​the province By making a package for the tour company, in addition, must communicate to the public in the area to understand and be confident in the operation. By assigning to the International Health Division Department of Health Service Support Coordinate the provinces interested in understanding the local people in the future. Which currently has not received foreign tourists Until the province is ready and people in the area understand and accept Including having to have a direct airline Make a travel package Focus on the economy in the community It has a unique service of the area. COVID-19 free health tourism, such as massage / spa services, Magnet services, herbal products Antiviral health food While accommodation hotels will be hotels that meet SHA or Well Hotel standards and have a tourist tracking device Preliminary discussions with the governor of Chonburi Province in principle Which this form of tourism drives the economy and can expand the area But also adhere to the safety principle of the people in the country

Credit : Bureau of Information, Office of the Permanent Secretary