Solar Power

The DEDC promotes the use of renewable energy in the installation of a solar rooftop system by conducting a project to develop and test to increase the efficiency of use of renewable energy with technology to manage the changing conditions of electricity demand In government agencies in the Metropolitan Electricity Authority To study the management of energy derived from photovoltaic power generation systems to the maximum potential through intelligent energy management system connection. It also serves as a demonstration and learning center for the application of solar energy technology in conjunction with the management system for the changing state of electricity demand with an intelligent network system.

By installing a photovoltaic power generation system on the roof floor of the parking building, which consists of 1) 250 300 W solar panels, total size 75 kW 2) 3 kW battery charge controller 25 units 3) 3 kW inverter 25 units and 4) 12 V capacity Gel batteries 60 AH with a total size of 72 kW and energy management system (Buiding Energy Management: BEMS). As a result of the said performance, it was found that the electric energy produced from solar cells and batteries can be used to power the building. As a result, the overall energy consumption of Building 7 is reduced. Average savings of 720,000 baht / year (refer to the TOU electricity bill for the whole month). 7 May to achieve energy efficiency It can display energy consumption data and control the air conditioning in each floor by turning on, off and setting the temperature appropriate to the electricity demand at different times of the day.

Energy usage data Building 7 Department of Alternative Energy Development and Energy Conservation, NEDA type of office building, 12 floors, an area of 2,525 square meters, has an average electricity consumption in building 7 of 1,450 kWh / day, with an average solar cell production of 320 kWh. / Day average savings of 60,000 baht / month or 720,000 baht / year
Information as of October 16, 2018
Compose: Public Relations Group Department of Secretary Office

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