Solar Drying Systems

DEDE Showcases 9 Years of Supporting Solar Drying Systems Create more than 1,500 households, generate income over 673.2 million baht per year, emphasize and continue to promote
Mr.Suree Jaroonsak, Director of the Solar Energy Development Division, said that the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, DEDC began to promote and support investment in installing the solar drying system. Greenhouse design or parabolic dome since 2011, 9 years of support for the use of solar drying system. By promoting not less than 290 systems, representing an area of ​​approximately 34,000 square meters, the amount of support of 111 million baht, generating income of 673.2 million baht per year and creating occupations of at least 1,500 households with products that are dried such as Dried bananas, dried rice, dried fruits, herbs, tea, coffee, spices, meat, dog food, latex pillows, etc.

In the year 2020 NEDE plans to request a budget for the Energy Conservation Promotion Fund. For the drying system, which DEDE provides some support, approximately 30% of the investment in installing the system. With a plan to support 5,000 square meters, the DPC aims to support the installation of solar drying systems in a total area of ​​75,000 square meters by 2026. “
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