Electric Tuk-Tuks,Energy Saving

The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) is supporting electric tuk-tuks, energy-saving, pollution-free, a new way of travel

The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) gives importance to energy saving, formulating policies and promoting the use of clean energy, pollution-free, thus recognizing the importance of a new way of traveling. Chang supports energy-saving electric Tuk Tuks Including the use of technology or applications that facilitate Meet the needs of the people And may save on travel expenses from sharing.

MuvMi is a service that sees the gap in connection between large mass transit lines such as BTS and MRT that cannot access the alleys. Or places that are not on the main road This service is a combination of the use of a “On-Demand” application, called whenever you want. No need to wait around for time Not running along the existing regular route and the “Sharing” model that brings modern technology to manage it, allowing people to run on the same route or nearby areas can get on the same car, thus making it a price That is not expensive Suitable for the current cost of living Students, students and workers can access it.

In addition to the application Another highlight of the MuvMi is the use of 100% electric vehicles in service pick-up passengers. This electric train has passed a collision analysis with the National Institute of Technology and Materials (MTEC) and has been licensed by the Department of Land Transport. Thus ensuring safety for service users as well as being environmentally friendly as well
Those interested in using the MuvMi service, simply download the application at https://www.muvmi.co/#download Then register via phone number the first time Can call an electric tricycle And pay the service fee by scanning the QR code on the car immediately, with the service charge per way starting at 10 baht, maximum 75 baht, maximum 6 seats per car, comfortable up-down

Credit : Electric Tuk Tuk # Power DEDE